Perfume Vs Cologne Which One Is Better

Perfume Vs Cologne: Which One Is Better?

This article will discuss regarding all that you need to know about perfume vs cologne.

Have you ever went to a fragrance store to seek for a suitable fragrance for you and stumbled upon the term perfume and cologne? If yes, do you know what are the similarities and differences between perfume vs cologne? Lets find out shall we?

What Is Cologne?

For those who are relatively new towards using fragrance in your daily life, cologne is usually packaged in a dark-colored or black glass bottle with a simple logo to indicate the type of smell of the cologne.

Cologne is often used by men as the package itself gives a masculine appearance. It also has many other names such as eau de toilette, eau de cologne and aftershave. However, all these type of colognes are different from each other:

  1. Eau de toiletteand eau de cologne are a type of cologne which contains low concentration of oils. However, Eau de cologne is weaker in terms of fragrance compared to eau de toilette due to the fact that it contains lesser essential oils in it.
  2. Eau de parfum contains a stronger fragrance than eau de toilette due to its higher concentration of oils. It usually consist of 15-20 percent perfume oils and it favours towards men.
  3. Aftershave is also a type of cologne, although it was originally made just for shaving purpose, hence its name

Same like perfumes, cologne comes in a variety of fragrance choices. The most notable scents used by many men are muskywoody, or citrus to elevate the masculinity of the fragrance user. Sometimes light floral scent is also suitable for the men. It varies with different people.

In terms of pricing, you can find affordable cologne that varies around RM30 to RM200 depending on the brand itself. If the fragrance comes from a well known product, the price may jump higher than usual. 

What is Perfume?

Perfume is a term generally used to signify a fragrance which sells towards women instead of men due to its feminine characteristics. Unlike cologne, it does not have different types of perfumes.

There are lots of various fragrance that you can choose from. Fragrance such as citrus, oriental, floral, and fresh scents. Sometimes perfumes also use animal extracts in order to ensure a longer lasting scent.

Perfume has a whopping difference in terms of pricing due to its oil concentration. A single bottle of a well known branded perfume could cost around RM300 to RM600! Perfumes from victoria’s secret is usually targeted towards women.

Differences between Perfume vs Cologne

There are few differences that separates one from another. Lets discuss it based on different categories:

1. Oil Concentration

In terms of oil concentration between perfume vs cologne, perfumes contains higher concentration of oils which is up to 40 percent, while cologne only differs around 15 to 20 percent oil concentration only.

2. Marketability

Perfumes are commonly marketed towards women, while colognes are marketed towards men. However, it does not mean that a man could not use perfumes as their choice of fragrance, and vice versa.

3. Price

Colognes are usually sold at a cheaper price, while perfumes are sold at a higher price, and it is for right reasons. The main reason for it is because of the concentration of oils contained in each types are different from one another.

4. Duration

A single drop of cologne may last around 1-2 hours only, however it is a different case for perfumes as a drop of perfume could last for an average of 6 to 9 hours per usage.

Those are the key differences between perfume vs cologne that you need to know. If you are looking for perfumes at an affordable price, but still encapsulate the fragrance of branded fragrances, you may click on this link


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