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The top 7 scents first for best female perfume in malaysia.

Are you having dilemma with searching for best female perfumes for your loves one? It’s almost time for the anniversary with your beloved, but you still have no idea what to give to her as a present to commemorate this eventful day. Finally, you have chosen a gift that is not to her liking.

Searching For Best Female Perfumes In Malaysia? Know The Top 7 Scents First

If you say yes, then no worries because most men will encounter this issue sooner or later. There are only few exceptional men who always know what present to give to her wife or girlfriend that makes her smile for the entire day. Who does not want a perfect anniversary?

Therefore, you should know that best female perfumes as a present will always be the go to as a present. Imagine your wife or girlfriend happily wearing the fragrance that you gave to her that day. Her heart will always be bubbly and cheerful as you go through that romantic anniversary date.

However, it sure is a pickle to know which perfume smell is the best choice for her. After all, we don’t want to give her the least favourite fragrance to her, don’t we? Thus, before searching for the best females perfume in Malaysia, lets find out the top 7 scents for women first.

How To Know Which Scents Of A Woman Suits Her?

scents of a woman

Choosing a scent is not rocket science if you know how to choose it. Its actually quite simple. What you have to do to determine the perfect scents of a woman for her before buying the best female perfume in Malaysia is to identify her personality first.

But what is the correlation between her personality and the perfume smell? Well, each scents signify a certain trait that can be matched with his or her personality. You will see what it means later on this article.

Malaysia is a warm country with a tropical environment. Thus, what scent is the best for women varies depending on the weather as well as the time settings on when to wear it best. For example, hot weather may cause certain perfume smell to be overwhelming and unpleasant..

Top 7 Types Of Perfumes For Women

1. Floral

This fragrance is the safest types of perfumes that you can give to your wife or girlfriend because the basic nature of floral scents are feminine. Sweet smelling flowers is what it focuses on. Jasmine, roses, blossoms, and gardenias are among the top choices for best female perfumes scent.

2. Citrus

Citrus scents consists of any citrusy fruits such as lemon, tangerine, mandarin, and lime. This kind of fragrance is suitable for women who have a cheerful or bubbly personality due to its freshness scent. It’s one of the best female perfume in Malaysia and top choice for women.

3. Fruity

If your girlfriend is the type of person who is romantic and sweet, then fruity fragrance is the choice for them. It is an ideal fragrance for dates as well as romantic outings. It consists of fruit smells such as berry, mango, strawberry, peach, and apple.

4. Oriental

Oriental scents are usually be worn during a special date with that special person as it oozes out a mixture of earthy and musky scent. A romantic night out will surely be very special whenever she wears it.

5. Woody

Woody fragrance mainly consist of wood and mossy smell. Another term for woody fragrance is called as chypre fragrance. If your girlfriend or wife works at a corporate business, then this is a good choice for them to wear.

6. Spicy

Whenever we talk about spicy scents, it is always associated with luxury. It is very ideal to be worn by women during casual occasions or brunches. How does it smell?

If you have been in a kitchen, surely you recognize the smell of cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, cloves, and other types of spices are categorized as spicy scent.

7. Green

If your girlfriend is into sports and exercise a lot, then we suggest you to give her a green fragrance as a gift. Are you familliar with the smell of a newly mown grass? That is the main essence of green scents as it lets out scents of fresh leaves.

There you go. These are the 7 top scents for women that you should know before you buy her the best female perfume in Malaysia. If you are looking for a brand that have those quality scents with in an affordable price, you could purchase it by clicking on this link


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