Perfume with Pheromones

Do Perfume with Pheromones work?

The word pheromones have been commonly heard in the community nowadays, and you probably have seen advertisements in your social media account regarding perfume with pheromones that is claimed to be able to attract the opposite sex and make them fall in love with you.

However, are the claims true or is it actually exaggerated so that you will be tempted to search and buy one for you immediately? No worries, we will discuss regarding this matter for your knowledge.

What are pheromones?

Not many people know the definition of a pheromone. They simply know in general that pheromones are related to your smell senses and understands that it can attract the people near you.

However, it is actually defined as a type of signaling molecule which is produced naturally in the body that influences how we feel and perform on every level. It can be secreted through the breath, sweat, urine, or other bodily fluid that manipulates the behavior of another member of the same species.

Animals and insects uses the pheromones in their body for various purposes. For example, spiders will secrete pheromones to seek a suitable candidate for mating. A dog is able to smell fear on humans because humans unknowingly lets out a pheromone that dogs can smell. There are several types of pheromones, mainly Releaser, Primer, Signaler, and Modulator.

Releaser Pheromone

Whenever there is a releaser pheromone present in an environment, it causes an immediate response which is rapid and reliable most of the time. Releaser pheromones are usually linked to sexual attraction.

Primer Pheromone

While the former causes an immediate response, this pheromone however do take longer time to get a response. Primer pheromones can influence the development or reproduction physiology, including menstrual cycles in females, puberty, and the success or failure in regards to pregnancy matters.

Based on the researcher’s findings, it can alter hormone levels in other beings. They also have found out that in some mammals, the females who were pregnant and were exposed to this pheromone from another male mammal could cause the fetus to abort, and leads to failure in pregnancy.

Signaler Pheromone

The signaler pheromone is commonly used to provide information. Animals will use this type of pheromone to help the mother to recognize her newborn baby through scent as they are armed with a genetic odor print.

Modulator Pheromone

Modulator pheromones have its own speciality. It can either alter or synchronize bodily functions of the counterparts. This type of pheromone is usually found in the sweat. Researchers have found out that once they have placed the pheromone on the upper lip of the female creature, they have become less tense and more relaxed. Subsecuently, it may also affect a female’s monthly cycle.

Is perfume with pheromones effective?

Well, it actually depends on the legimitacy of the ingredients that these companies claim that they have in their products. There are lots of cases that there are reviews from previous users turned out to be fake.

While it is true that the effect would be very subtle if the perfume with pheromones are legit, it could not override another person’s will or inclinations. The other person will not be automatically mesmerized and only think about being in a romantic mood with you.

It is better for you to not look for perfumes with pheromones, but instead seek for the right kind of smell for your body because each people have their own specific smell that can mix well with your body odor. When it happens, it will let out a very attractive smell that even perfume with pheromones could not compete. If you are looking for a quality men perfume with similar concept, you may click on this link.


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